How to control your mind


        Mind and the brain are completely two different topics. People think that the mind is in the brain and that thought may lead to a misconception, that to correct the mind, you need to correct your brain which is completely wrong.

        There are some things which you must focus on to have a controlled and better mind.            

Fix your thinking

There is a saying which says "I don't fix problems, I fix my thinking then problems fix themselves."

The problem with your mind being uncontrollable is your mind is thinking in the wrong way. 

People, articles, YouTube videos can give you advice on how to have better thinking, but the change should come from within yourself.

Everybody is unique in their own way. So, different people have a different way of motivation and thinking which can result in a better life for them. 

That's why you should have a mindset or thinking, which works for you the best. So, it's important to explore yourself and try to find the ways which work for you the best.

Prof B. M Hegde who is a medical scientist, educationist, and author said that the mind is not in the brain as we think, but the mind is the environment of the body, the mind is your consciousness and the most important part of the mind is your thinking. 

The more you think positive, the more positive impact is on your mind, the more you think negative, the more negative impact is on your mind. 

How to control your thoughts to fix your thinking?

Controlling your thoughts and thinking is all about diverting your mind to any other good activities like yoga, meditation, arts and crafts, football, etc. 

Controlling your thoughts also depends on the activities you do in your everyday life.

For example, if you just watch television all day and living sedentary life will lead to different negative thoughts and it's also bad for your health.

Similarly, if you increase your mind awareness through yoga and meditation, doing the things which you love like football, doing some kind of arts and crafts, listening to music, etc, will change your thoughts completely and you start to become more focused, enthusiastic and much happier in your life. 

Remember your thoughts in your mind are just opinions. So, whether you listen to your opinion or not it's all up to you. 

So, it's important to listen to good opinions and just leave or discard the bad opinions by just letting them go or flow in your mind.

You are the master of your own mind, the thoughts or opinions which you want to express is all in your hand."

People have many misconceptions that strong minds are those who control their mind but in reality, strong minds are those who just let go of their thoughts, forget their worst past, enjoy their present and listen to their good thoughts, and telling themselves that every difficult situation in life is temporary.


Meditation can help you in many ways from helping you to reduce anxiety and depression, to increasing your memory and self-awareness. 

It also helps you at mastering controlling your mind and helps you to master the art of letting go which is a very much important thing to control your mind.

The thoughts can never be controlled, they can only be let go and meditation is the best way to master it. So, it's important not to analyze, judge your negative thoughts, and just let them go. 

Meditation helps you to build awareness. After all, meditation is all about being aware of your thoughts and your surroundings or increasing your consciousness. 

Being aware is also an effective way to control your mind. Being aware or self-aware helps you in the following ways.

  • Awareness lets you know which thoughts bother you a lot, which thoughts are dangerous to you or not, and helping you to avoid those dangerous thoughts or just helping you to let go of that dangerous or negative thoughts.

  • Awareness can also help you with negative thinking in the subconscious state of mind.

  • Awareness helps you to analyze your weaknesses and your strength, it helps you to understand yourself better.

A better understanding of yourself or knowing your weaknesses and strengths will help you to work on your weaknesses and increase your strengths in a much better way.

Make your mind busy 

There is a saying "An idle mind is devil's workshop."

As mentioned earlier, controlling your thoughts and thinking is all about diverting your mind to something else to any other good activities like yoga, meditation, arts and crafts, football, etc. 

So, it's important not to have an idle mind or sedentary life and try to utilize every moment of your life to have a better version of yourself. 

Because you know that life is precious and limited. That's why it's very much important to enjoy the journey of your life and always have positive thoughts and let go of the negative thoughts. 

Learn to stay calm  

There is a saying "Train your mind to be calm in every situation." 

Staying calm helps you to reduce stress, anxiety, worries, and negative thoughts. 

Your calmness will also lead you to better health, higher levels of productivity and it also increases your ability to handle difficult and stressful situations.

Train your mind constantly

If you just try to fix your thinking, control your thoughts, meditate or follow any other ways to control your mind for just one day then you can't bring great changes in your mind or in any other aspects of your life. 

It's very much important to train your mind every day and training the mind to control takes many months or years and actually, it's a lifetime process.

Because after mastering, letting go of the negative thoughts, it's important to prevent those negative thoughts again to disturb your mind for which some practice is required. 

Try to practice at least 5 minutes on training your mind and gradually increase the time of training from 5 minutes to 10 minutes, 15 minutes, and so on. 

It's important, not to give up and keep the focus, enthusiasm alive to have a better mind and better life.

When to get medical help

        If your mind becomes completely uncontrollable or your friend or any person who can't control their mind in any way. At this point, it's very important to consult your doctor, psychiatrist, or a good psychologist.


      The key to controlling your mind is consistent good habits and positive thinking to your mind but remember everyone is unique, the things which work for one person may not work for the other person. 

    So it's necessary to explore yourself and try to find different ways to control your mind and always follow the ways which work best for you. 


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