Top 7 benefits of laughter


         "A day without laughter is a day wasted". And "Laughter is the best medicine". So, always keep laughing every day and get the following positive benefits of laughing to your mind and the body to become a healthy and happy person. 

1. Laughter is the best way to reduce stress

Laughing makes your muscles relax. It also reduces physical tension and reduces stress.

According to Journal of Psychology Nursing, humor and laughter helps to relieve anxiety and also interrupt the cycle of stress and worry. 

Laughter does not only reduce stress, but also protects us from the dangerous effects of stress.

Laughter is also known to stop defensive stress responses like "fight or flight."

If you keep smiling and keep laughing every day, you will be always be stress-free and a great example for this thing to prove is Sadhguru. 

If you just observe him, he always keeps smiling and laughing, which helps him to stay calm, be happy, and get other benefits too. 

How does laughter reduce stress?

  • The reason for laughter to reduce stress is purely chemical.
  • Laughter releases endorphins in the brain, causing a feeling of happiness resulting in eliminating stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • Laughter reduces stress hormone called cortisol and cortisol is known to increase our appetite.

2. Laughter gives you a healing effect

Laughter helps to increase the body's production of endorphins, which is also the body's natural pain killer. 

Laughing helps to increase the production of natural killer cells-white blood cells that attack, cancer cells, colds, foreign bacteria. 

Laughter also helps you to fight against depression.

Laughing also helps you to cure some of the diseases even which are irreversible and crippling. The book called "Anatomy of illness" gives in-depth information and facts about how laugh and humor can be used to heal your own body. 

3. Laughter helps you to have better social connections 

Everyone likes a person who has a better sense of humor.

That's because the contagious nature of a smile or laugh helps us to connect with others, leading to better friendships, better social connections, and social integration.

The Princeton study also showed the same thing that laughing is contagious and the sound of laughter stimulates more laugh. 

That's why when a group of people laughs, you automatically start to laugh or smile because the sound of laughter subconsciously makes you think that whatever happening around you is funny.

Laughing with friends or family results in a happier environment, and laughing may get you some benefits, but laughing with friends or family results in greater benefits of laughter.

Laughter is also a way of communication between humans and also early means of communication between babies and mothers. 

Laughter can be used as a way to manage disputes between you and your friends, family, and coworkers.

Because laughter has the benefits of strengthening relationships, by reducing stress and helps to control your emotions when they get high.

Managing and settling your disputes may also result in stronger social connections.

Better social connections between coworkers, family, and friends help in the enhancement of teamwork and reduce conflicts between them.

4. Laughter helps you to have a longer lifespan 

Laughter helps you stay mentally and physically healthy which will result in a longer life span.

How laughter helps you to be physically healthy?

A study by the University of Mary land-linked laughter to the healthy function of blood vessels that could lower the chances of a heart attack. 

A good deep belly laugh can get you the same effect of the blood vessel opening that occurs while jogging or by taking one of the cholesterol medications known as statins.

Laughter also lowers blood pressure, which can lead to a reduced risk of heart diseases.

A good laugh for 5 to 10 minutes could burn up to 40 calories, which may also help you with weight loss.

A study in Norway also showed that people lived longer if they had a better sense of humor.

Laughter is essential for your mental health

Laughter helps you to stay mentally strong and healthy and that's why it's essential for your mental health.

Laughing creates positive emotions in your mind, and positive emotions in your mind always make you an optimistic, courageous person and keeps you mentally strong.

As mentioned earlier, laughter reduces your stress, anger, makes you relaxed and focused which results in better control of yourself and helps you to understand situations better, and increases your ability of decision making.

That's why a person who often laughs is much better at handling difficult situations in life.


5. Laughter builds your character

Laughter helps you to handle your failures and problems which helps you to build your character. 

Laughter makes you happier and being happier, helps you to work harder, stay calmer which lead to better results and healthy life.

Laughter helps you to eliminate your negative feelings like fear. So, you can also use laughter to overcome your fear of something.

Laughter can make you a better problem solver or helps you to deal with complicated issues, by reducing your stress and making your mind to work better.

Laughter also increases your self-confidence and helps you to take things less personally. 

When someone is making jokes about you, and laughing over their jokes which was made about you, can help you to take things less personally and it also helps in dealing with annoying people.    

You don't need to laugh whenever you meet a person, you can just have a smile on your face when you meet a person, and even smiling builds your character, it can also get you the same benefits as you get when you laugh with your friends or family. 

6. Laughter activates the different parts of the brain

In this one study, subjects were hooked up to EEG and their brain activity was measured when they laughed. Their brains produced a regular electrical pattern. When they laughed different areas of the brain started to act like the left side of the cortex, the large frontal lobe, right hemisphere, etc.

Researchers observed the following things

The left side of the cortex analyzed the words and the structure of the joke.

The large frontal lobe, which is involved in social /emotional reactions became very active.

The right hemisphere carried out the analysis required to get the joke. 

Brain wave activity, then spread to the sensory processing area of the occipital lobe, and laughter seemed to be produced via a circuit that runs through many regions of the brain. 

The limbic system is also important which also controls emotional responses, this area also includes the amygdala and hippocampus, and which are also involved in basic responses like fear, hunger. The motor areas of the brain also become active, and these areas produce the chuckle or the physical action of laughing. 

7. Everyone can get the benefits of laughter

The studies couldn't find strong evidence for the idea that says "adults and children have different rates of laughter."

The frequency of laughter at any age depends on how much time an individual spends interacting with others.

A person at any age and with any disease can get benefits of laughter, but it's important to find the source of laughter which may be your friends, family or following some laughing exercises. 

How to increase your frequency of laughter?

The things which can increase your frequency of laughter are:

Your friends and family

Spending time with your friends and family, talking and cracking jokes with them will lead to a higher frequency of laughter for your friends and to your other family members. 

Your other social interactions

Smiling and talking to the people that you meet in your everyday life can increase your frequency of laughter. 

So, smiling at the person who serves you a morning coffee, smiling at your coworkers, or with any person you meet will make you realize that life is beautiful and you can find more happiness in your life.

Comedy YouTube videos


Instead of watching click bait YouTube videos, you can watch some good comedy YouTube videos to increase your frequency of laughter which will help you to get many benefits.

Smiling and laughing when life gets too hard

At some point in your life, you may start to feel that life is getting too hard and instead of filling your mind with worries, you can have a smile on your face, and face your difficult situations in much calmer ways.

Sometimes, even laughing at your failures, can help you to reduce the stress and can help you to move on, resulting in focusing on your present instead of worrying about the past.

Recalling the amusing things which happened in your life

Instead of having wishful thinking and living in the fantasy world, you can just recall the amusing things or happy things which have already occurred in your life to increase your frequency of laughter.

Following the laughing exercise

Performing the laughing exercise at your home or joining the laughing exercise groups, in your locality can also help you to increase your frequency of laughter and helps in better social interaction.

Setting up amusing wallpaper

A normal person checks his phone one hundred and ten times a day.

Setting up some amusing wallpaper or lock screen on your phone or on your laptop can also help you to increase your frequency of laughter. 


Laughing is important in your life to achieve better overall health. Always try to crack jokes with your friends and family, and also discuss about the amusing things happened in your life and in their life to have a happier environment. 


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