When do abdominal muscles become visible?


Many people work hard to get good visible abdominal muscles but even though they work harder and follow many Abs exercise routines, they don't get the results.

You must also include smart work to have great visible Abs. Read more to know about when does abdominal muscles become visible and other things which you must do to get better visible Abs.

When do abdominal muscles become visible?

There are some factors that determine the visibility of abdominal muscles, shape, and size of your abdominal muscles which are mentioned below.

Body fat percentage

The body fat percent must be at least 10 -15 percent for men and for women it should be around 14 -23 percent.

The lower the body fat percentage, the better the visibility of your abdominal muscles and the better, visible separation of your abdominal muscles will be.

But extremely lower body fat percentage can lead to other health issues in both men and women. So, having below 10 percent body fat percentage may lead to other health issues.

If you just want to stay away from health risks associated with being under fat or over fat then the safe body fat percentage range is 10-22 percent for men and 20-32 percent for women which is also accepted by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).

Only having the perfect body fat percentage or less body fat percentage will not guarantee you good visible abdominal muscles. 

You must also take the consideration of having developed abdominal muscles to have well-defined visible abdominal muscles. 

The in-depth information about having developed abdominal Muscle is mentioned below.

Developed abdominal Muscles

To have visible abdominal muscles, you must have developed abdominal muscles. 

Abdominal muscles are the same as any other muscles, to have visible muscles, you must develop them and only having low body fat percentage will not help your muscles to be visible.

Developing and growing of abdominal requires some time. So, with the right nutrition and training, you can have visible abdominal muscles.

Some people have a 10 - 15% body fat percentage, but still, they don't have great visible abdominal muscles, that's because they have trained or developed their abdominal muscles properly.

Hypertrophy training of your abdominal muscles will help to better development of your abdominal muscles which results in better visibility of your abdominal muscles and better separation of your abdominal muscles.

Hypertrophy training includes the following important things

  • Hypertrophy training includes 3-5 sets of 8-12 reps for the targeted muscle group and a rest period of 30 to 90 seconds between the sets.
  • Hypertrophy includes progressive overload.
  • Hypertrophy includes training to failure. You don't need to go reps until failure in every set but try at least in the last set to go for reps until failure. 
  • To get the good results of hypertrophy providing enough nutrients to your muscles is required to make muscles stronger and larger.
  • Hypertrophy training for your abdominal muscles results in the breaking and repairing of your abdominal muscles which results in much developed abdominal muscles. 

Hypertrophy training for other muscles also helps to increase muscle mass, higher muscle mass helps you to burn more energy because your body must supply more energy to the larger muscles.

You can also include strength training for other big muscles like the chest, lats, glutes, and quads to burn more calories in your body.

Genetics matter in building Abs

Genetics play a major role to determine the shape, size, and symmetry of abdominal muscles

Some people can't reveal their Abs, even though they have the perfect body fat percentage. It's all because of genetics, if a person does not have good genetics then he/she can't have visible abdominal muscles.

Seeing fitness models on Instagram, Facebook, and in Ads has poisoned our minds to have bigger and much better-separated Abs, and comparing ourselves to them can lead to other problems in our mindset.

In reality, you just need a safe body percentage and a healthy, fit body that can walk, jump and run with no problem.

How to get visible abdominal muscles?

    To get well-defined and visible abdominal muscles, you must include the right training and proper nutrition which are mentioned below. 

Select the right workout program

You must train your abdominal muscles like any other muscle. Now we know that to get great visible abdominal muscles, we must have a reduced body fat percentage and developed abdominal muscles which can be achieved in different ways.

Selecting the right workout program or exercises depends on the person because everybody has a different way of training. 

Some people can afford a gym membership and some people can't, 
some people want to follow calisthenics workout or bodyweight workout and some people want to train in the gym.

To get the hypertrophy training, you must take the consideration of progressive overload for your abdominal muscles which can be achieved in different ways. 

To achieve progressive overload in calisthenics or bodyweight exercise, you make some changes in the exercise to make the exercise harder and to increase the resistance to your body.


But in the case of working out in a gym, you just increase the weights to have a better progressive overload and you hit the sweet spot of 8 to 12 reps.

Again including cardio in the workout routine mainly depends on the person, if a person is skinny then he/she doesn't need cardio or fat-burning exercises. If you are skinny then you can just focus on hypertrophy training on abdominal muscles to get better developed and visible abdominal muscles. 

In case a person has a higher body fat percentage then doing cardio would be great to lose fat. The mixture of cardio and hypertrophy training to their abdominal muscles can help to lose excess fat and at the same time, you can also develop your abdominal muscles.

Cardio exercises are the exercises that get your heart rate increased and keeps it for some period of time. You can include any exercises in cardio training like burpees, running, or walking.

Make sure that you include cardio exercises that you would love to do in your cardio training. So, you don't only do those exercises but you also enjoy those exercises.

Have a proper diet

If you don't have a proper diet then just forget about having good visible abdominal muscles. 

Going for cardio, doing hypertrophy training for your abdominal muscles, and not having a proper diet will result in loss of abdominal muscles instead of developing abdominal muscles.

Only cutting down cold drinks or sodas and junk food will not get you developed abdominal muscles, it only helps you eliminate the high sugar and calorie intake. 

To build any muscles you require sufficient amounts of protein which is 0.8gm of protein per pound of body weight for every day.

Choosing a calorie surplus or calorie deficit diet depends on the person. If a person is skinny then he/she must go on a calorie surplus diet and if a person is having a higher body fat percentage then he/she must go on a calorie deficit diet.

But keep in mind that too much calorie surplus will lead to extra fat which may result in not having well-defined and visible abdominal muscles.

And too much calorie deficit diet may lead to a slow progression of developing abdominal muscles, it may also lead to physical and health issues.

So, if you are skinny and you want to build or develop your abdominal muscles then it's important to go on a small calorie surplus instead of eating a lot of calories and resulting in excess fat in your body.

If you have a higher body fat percentage and you want to lose your body fat then it's important to go on a small calorie deficit instead of cutting down a lot of calories and resulting in other health issues.

Another important thing is that to eat minimally processed foods and high nutrient-dense whole foods. So, stop eating processed foods or junk foods which doesn't add any nutritional value to your diet.

Smart things to do for training abdominal muscles

You should not train your abdominal muscles every day. You should aim to train your abdominal muscles 2 to 3 times per week. Because your abdominal muscles are like any other muscle and muscles need rest to repair themselves.

Do not make training of abdominal muscles your main goal. Some people make the mistake of training only the abdominal muscles and neglecting other muscles.

Always train to have an entire fit and healthy body. Developing other muscles will also help you to burn more calories and it also gives a better aesthetic physique look.
You must accept the fact that even with the right training and nutrition your abdominal muscles take time to show up. Sometimes many people get demotivated after some weeks of training. So, keep following your workout routine, and one day, you will able to see your developed and strong abdominal muscles.

    Great visible abdominal muscles are all about building and revealing those muscles with the right nutrition and training. 

    You cannot get visible abdominal muscles if you just follow any Abs workout circuit. Again, it's all about revealing your developed abdominal muscles by reducing your body fat percentage.


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